Blue Mountains Living Lab (BMLL) is a virtual innovation 'community of practice' that seeks to profile and connect up innovative projects that serve the community of the Blue Mountains.  In our Resources section under the Big Ieas Futures Forum tab, you can go to our Download PDFs to Creating Blue Mountains Living Lab, to find out how we went about getting established, and to A Philosophy of Innovation for Our Times to discover the understanding that lies behind our mission and vision.  Use the Hot Links to explore different aspects of innovation and what it means for all of us in Australia. Our Innovation Champions are organisations showing their support for the BMLL initiative.  Through our Blog and links to Facebook Group and our LinkedIn Group, you can also find posts about current events in the innovation space, and join these open groups to be part of the conversation.Our Blog also provides a discussion on the topics coming up in our Big Ideas Future Forums.

Big Ideas Futures Forum

BMLL has formed a partnership with Radio Blue Mountains 89.1 FM and Big Beet Juice & Espresso Bar Katoomba for the Big Ideas Futures Forums (BIFF).  These are held at Big Beet on the first Saturday of each month 3 - 5pm.  They aim to help the Blue Mountains community with its strong creative industries and tourism sectors, to also be part of the conversation about the big ideas that are shaping our future.  BIFF is coordinated by Barbara Lepani and Celeste Salter, members of the BMLL Management Advisory Group.

Check out our Facebook and LinkedIn Groups for details, or under Big Ideas Futures Forum menu to keep abreast of developments, or read our Blog on topics coming up.

The Blue Mountains Community

Blue Mountains is a peri-urban economy whose whole community is a 'living lab'.  It is a place where people are meeting the challenges and opportunities of our times through innovative environmental, socio-cultural, economic and wellbeing initiatives to leverage new technologies and digital connections, new ways of meeting the needs of customers local and global, and new ways to create sustainable, liveable, vibrant, inclusive and resilient communities to meet the needs of young and older citizens, of families and single people, and the variety of people with special needs.

Blue Mountains is a community of 80,000 people, clustered in 27 urban villages within a World Heritage Wilderness Area that lies less than 2 hours from Sydney CBD by train and road.  The Blue Mountains area is a major Sydney and international tourist destination with the main town centres in Springwood in the Lower Mountains, and Katoomba in the Upper Mountains.

Blue Mountains is the land of the Gundungurra and Darug peoples and we pay respect to their elders past and present.

The Mission

Blue Mountains Living Lab (BMLL) will build a local Blue Mountains innovation eco-system, a synergistic network of civic and business entrepreneurs, including educational and healthcare and wellbeing leaders who are developing new products and services, or finding new ways to deliver existing products and services, to meet the challenges and opportunities of our times. 

BMLL will do this by helping to catalyse civic and business innovative entrepreneurship among the Blue Mountains community and its stakeholders to:

  • Support the development of a vibrant, creative, sustainable and resilient Blue Mountains community and local economy able to meet these challenges and capture the opportunities
  • Meet the challenges and opportunities of digital disruption of existing businesses, government services, health informatics and community services, with the progressive rollout of high speed broadband with the NBN

  • Develop new sharing/collaborative economy initiatives, including crowdfunding of civic enterprises

  • Increase local collaboration and integration of wellbeing initiatives, including educational innovations, links to mental health services, the management of chronic illness in an ageing population, and aged care services linked to an increase in ageing in place - people in their own homes and neighbourhoods, supported by home care services and social connectivity

  • Work with young people to focus skills and capabilities, including social and economic entrepreneurship, to capture new opportunities arising from digital, physical and biological technological changes, climate change and new energy systems, environmental sustainability and eco-system management

  • Work through the Australian Living Labs Innovation Network (ALLIN) with other Living Lab initiatives in Australia and around the world to raise awareness about challenges and form collaborative partnerships to capture opportunities arising from forces of change coming down the line.

Australian Living Labs Innovation Network

BMLL is a member of the Australian Living Labs Innovation Network (ALLIN), which brings together Living Lab communities and projects across Australia.  In turn ALLIN is linked into a global network of Living Labs that are based on public-private-people partnerships (PPPP) for user-driven, open innovation ecosystems and structures.  Living Labs use co-creation and a real-life experimental approach to establish a dialogue between technology and society, leading to investments in new technologies and social and business processes that solve citizen's problems. 


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